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CRO Discovery

Escientia offers a wide range of CRO discovery & chemistry solutions to meet your research needs. We have a deep understanding of medicinal chemistry and use our expertise in devising the most efficient synthetic approaches that helps delivering compounds of interest. Based in Hyderabad, Escientia has a proven track record serving Virtual/Small Biotechs, Mid-Pharma and Big-Pharma companies. Escientia’s rich 14 years of experience has resulted in a number of candidate molecules in development and reached the market.

We offer chemistry solutions in FTE and FFS arrangements as follows:

  • Discovery Chemistry
  • Library/analogue synthesis – Scaffold synthesis, Building block and synthesis of intermediates
  • Reference compounds and impurity markers
  • Fit for purpose scale up to support pre-clinical toxicology requirements
  • Expertise in Asymmetric synthesis, organometallic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, PROTACS, NanoBRETs, Biotinylated conjugates, focused libraries and pro-drug synthesis
  • Additionally, expertise in peptide, steroid and carbohydrate chemistry

Supporting drug discovery services:

  • Collaborative model of working
  • Hit-to-Lead Optimization
  • Route scouting
  • Quick scale up of materials to support further trials
  • Dedicated team of scientists to deliver multigram quantities in strict timelines
  • Rapid synthesis of scaffolds

Our chemistry labs are well equipped with modern instruments that include Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography stations, Microwave synthesizer, Photochemical reactor, Parallel reactor for rapid screening and LCMS. We operate an equipment to chemist ratio that enables quicker turnaround and faster progress in the research program. A dedicated analytical team, supporting the discovery chemistry team, with a vast experience in Analytical and Purification techniques.

Chemist Working in a Escientia Lab

Asymmetric Synthesis experience:

  • Chiron approach
  • Chiral induction method
  • Asymmetric synthesis using Chiral ligands/organometallic reagents
  • Chemical resolutions
  • Biotransformations

Why Escientia:

  1. Versatile experience in various synthetic areas and proven record of putting number of compounds into Development/Market in a short time span.
  2. Integrated approach helps the lead optimization and a quick development to meet pre-clinical requirements.
  3. Dedicated project management support.
  4. Containment philosophy to obviate/minimize chemical exposure in the research laboratories.
  5. Escientia’s Mantra is “Safety, Quality and On-time delivery”.
  6. Management’s deeper experience in Discovery, Development and Manufacturing.
  7. Research laboratory in the US to support discovery and development projects and be close to the customer.