Your input is key. Once the manufacturing requirements are defined, we will optimize our process for your needs, including quality, cost-effectiveness and performance. Throughout the operation, we will qualify and track parameters for reproducibility and c-GMP compliance.

Our core technology strengths are in:

  • The design and development of novel commercial routes
  • Asymmetric synthesis using organo-metallic catalysts and biocatalysts
  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic hydrogenations
  • Continuous reaction technologies and flow chemistry
  • Crystallization; highly potent intermediates and APIs
  • Particle-size reduction and low temperature reactions

Our manufacturing differentiators are:

  • Hydrogenation
  • Handling of hazardous reactions
  • In-house nitrogen generation plant (99.5% pure)
  • Pneumatic powder transfer handling system and through IBCs
  • High-pressure manufacturing
  • Emerson Delta-V system for reactor and process automation
  • Highly purified water meeting European Pharmacopeia
  • Flexible modular plant design for quick changeovers
  • Micronization and multi-milling capabilities

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