End-to-End Solutions

An under-one-roof vendor


Through partnerships with a range of innovator biotechnology companies in the USA and Europe, we offer solutions for drug discovery in medicinal chemistry.

The chemistry Escientia has developed can be found in several branded pharmaceutical products. Collaborators have filed many process patents based on work done in our laboratories including the launch of four new drugs, one of them best-selling.


There are many stakeholders in the development and commercialization of a pharmaceutical product. And their expectations vary depending on approach.

Escientia's resources can be employed to complement or supplement our partners’ teams as and when needed. We are flexible with your schedule, timeline, and needs, with quality and speed to market as our top priorities.


We endeavor to be a socially beneficial business by playing a meaningful role in lowering the cost and accelerating the speed to market of life-saving therapeutics.


Escientia supports products that range from early phase development to commercial manufacturing, with state-of-the-art production plants, enterprising process engineering, and full IT support for data security, accuracy and integrity.

Commercial APIs

Escientia has one of the newest, most modern API plants in the world. Production includes a dedicated facility for the manufacturing of highly potent APIs (HPAPIs) from 0.5Kg – 50Kg.

Crystallization studies are performed to assess solid state properties and establish optimum filtration conditions. Containment systems are used to handle compounds with an OEL up to 0.1µg/m3/8h shift. Products are tested and stored in special areas designated for HPAPI only, and the facility also offers micronization and other milling options.

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