Escientia offers expertise in analytical in-house testing, and services in both FTE and FFS mode.

Our scientists work to create operating conditions and manage programs which are reproducible, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

Provides analytical methods such as:

  • DOEs to define critical process parameters
  • In-house testing, release of raw materials, and packing materials
  • Kilo-lab for scalability and robustness demos
  • Long-term supply-chain strategies
  • Dedicated areas for wet analysis and instrumentation (HPLC, GPLC, and GC)
  • Instrument compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Analytical instrumentation powered by Waters Empower 3 networking system
  • Stability testing per ICH guidelines (accelerated, long-term, intermediate and zone IVB)

Provides services in both FTE and FFS mode:

  • Process research and development of scalable route
  • Analytical methods development and validations
    Technology transfer
  • Impurity identification, isolation and characterization
  • PGI review and study
  • Particle size-reduction studies
  • Process engineering and safety studies

Helping people achieve their goals in health and in business.