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Customers Working With Us

One of our biggest strengths is that we are very customer focused and approachable. You can talk with senior management immediately. We very much focus on high level bespoke contact. Essentially this means we can deal with our customers more effectively and directly.

Aside from just direct communication, in the world of scientific research, confidentiality is of utmost importance. At Escientia, we value this and take pride in our ability to assure clients of complete confidentiality.

Some of the measures we take to ensure complete confidentiality and compliance:

  • Ownership of all IP belongs to our customers
  • Strict confidentiality practiced project-by-project
  • Recording of experiments and tests by chemists and scientists in dedicated lab books
  • Data generated in Connecticut and India are stored on dedicated servers in the USA
  • Project codes used for chemical procurement and spectral data to protect customer IP
  • Restricted entry into both company facilities and laboratories
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Client Case Studies

Case study 1:

Set-up of 2nd supply for an NCE and deliver cost savings

  • Customer: US based biotech company (market cap: ~7.5B)
  • Escientia is appointed as a preferred development and manufacturing partner
  • Project started after NDA filing to add us as a 2nd source supplier
  • Scope: Tech-Transfer, process improvement and manufacture of commercial GMP intermediates and API (NCE)
  • Provided full CMC documentation and successfully validated 8 GMP stages and 2 RSM’s
  • Escientia provided a flexible business model and superior costs to the initial CDMO

Case study 2:

Complex process, 16 steps, developed and scaled-up for GMP studies

  • Customer: Japanese big pharma company
  • Exclusive contract manufacture of a niche NCE API with a 16-step synthesis
  • Process developed at Escientia and scaled up for an initial 15kg batch-size
  • Annual demand of API is in the range of 500kg
  • Established adequate comfort on controls for cross contamination and met all Japanese quality requirements
  • Area of the market: Supply of API to Japan and the USA

Case study 3:

Late phase development and supply of launch GMP intermediate

  • Customer: Top 3 big pharma company in the USA
  • Exclusive contract manufacture of a GMP intermediate. API from this intermediate was launched in 2020
  • Escientia initiated the project when the drug entered Phase 3 clinical trials
  • The entire process was developed in-house without tech transfer from the customer
  • We scaled-up to a 500kg batch size and completed process validation at our Vizag plant
  • Escientia achieved preferred supplier status

Case study 4:

Manufacturing of a molecule for the 1st time at

  • Customer: US based biotech company (acquired by a US large pharma for ~12B)
  • Escientia started the project when the NCE was in discovery for a critical therapeutic area
  • Through initially a chemistry FTE program, we made several novel molecule series including the one that finally made it to launch
  • Customer selected the candidate and further development was performed to manufacture the molecule for the 1st time at multi-kg scale
  • Successfully transferred the technology to the acquiring customer
  • Area of the market: The USA and the EU