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Escientia is primarily a modern global pharma business. It has scientists, engineers and regulatory expertise at various stages of a molecules life from inception to final active ingredient in a product sold from stage or administered by healthcare professionals.

The interest of the founders in R&D and developing new and interesting molecules or processes is attested by the numerous patents they have filed.

Sustainability and care of the environment is built into all the processes employed. This includes care of data and the storage of customers IP behind internationally accredited firewalls.

Our USA, Swiss and Indian facilities are joined together by our culture and beliefs as well as the communication which goes on a daily basis. We are always looking at the horizon and viewing the needs of the patients and our customers can supply the necessary molecular solution.

You could say that passion, dedication and application are now even more part of the drive needed to produce compliant cost effective pharma in a timely fashion.

Time is the key starting ingredient we try to reduce in our discovery work.

Quality is paramount throughout all we do but particularly the case in manufacturing.

Escientia will go through an exciting transformation in the next five years from being a caring boutique business to being a caring major drug pharma provider with numerous projects in the pipeline.

Escentia Headquarters from the outside