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A big thank you to all our customers and new contacts at DCAT NY

In a world increasingly dominated by digital strategy and the use of Big data, algorithms, AI we can’t overemphasize how important it is to conduct some high-level meetings personally.

At Escientia we have significant plans to have a carbon-neutral site in Basel by 2028. Our other sites are being targeted with sustainability projects and in some cases investing to repurpose the type of chemistry we conduct. This somewhat complex and diverse strategy is part of our overarching strategy of Embracing Exceptional Life.

We should not forget that a lot of ongoing business is conducted at DCAT but our overall objective is to produce better value, more effective pharma which can benefit more people worldwide. We know that operating positives are needed to fund R&D and to invest in new technology. We, therefore, need to agree with customers not only on the work we are doing but also on the type of company we aim to become in the next five years.

This explanation of our plans to ethically embrace our responsibilities in Climate Change are equal to health and safety. In face to face conversations even behind a mask, you can take feedback and ideas on improvement which benefit customers and society.

Our meetings at DCAT have been commercially successful as well as giving us the ability to compare notes on creating more sustainable manufacturing solutions for a healthier planet.

Escientia Management