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We are a leading research, development, and manufacturing partner to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology innovators.

Modern science and engineering are revolutionizing the way medicines are discovered, developed, and made. Escientia strives to always be at the cutting-edge.

Personal genomics, machine intelligence, and new modalities herald a new age in drug discovery and development.

Flow technology, green chemistry, biotransformation, automation, and national security considerations define 21st century pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our track record over 15 years partnering with innovators on complex drug development programs is one of the best in the industry. Please contact us to accelerate the speed to market and lower the cost of your programs.


A global team of hundreds of committed employees

Founded in the United States by Dr. Yadagiri Reddy Pendri and Mr. Kiran Reddy Pendri, Escientia has grown to a talented and interdisciplinary team with scientific, engineering, and regulatory expertise in all aspects of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. Our workplace is defined by a cultural focus on quality, safety, compliance, and the conservation of nature.


Every year, many young people become Escientia employees directly after their education, entrusting us with their first professional experiences and on-the-job training in the best practices of the global pharmaceuticals industry.


Pharmaceutical project management is our focus.

We partner with drug innovators throughout the process of discovery, development, commercialization, and life-cycle management. Our core strength is a deep understanding of the technical and commercial challenges our partners face at every step.

Our commitment: With high reliability, Escientia will accelerate the speed to market and lower the costs of your drug programs.

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